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Working with Company Directors, Business Owners and their sales teams to create strategies and processes to improve their sales performance and conversions. 

My results based techniques will transform how your mind thinks and how it influences your success, your happiness and your outcomes.

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Practice Makes Permanent

You know a long time ago when I was a crew member for Burger King, on my very first shift I was taught to make a Bacon Deluxe burger without bacon. Subsequently I had to consciously remember the bacon for months to come. When I was given the privilege to train a new crew member I trained my very first trainee how to make a cheeseburger and forgot to tell t [...]

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Why Do I get Triggered So Easily

Okay, so I thought I best blog about emotional triggers as I have some really cool blogs I am going to post in the coming weeks I think will be great for all my followers. BUT, a while ago I posted a post on social media that got a little backlash. You see someone read into the post and assumed it was about [...]

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Modelling Behaviours – Role Models

When I was growing up, I had many many people I aspired to be like.  People who I was modelling behaviours from.  This did not change as I moved into my career. There were many company leaders, line managers, colleagues I wanted to be more like. These people behaved in ways I admired.  They interacted with others in such a way that their teams and people close to them looke [...]

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Unconscious vs Subconscious

Unconscious vs Subconscious - this is one of my pet hates, it is the thing that activates me the most and triggers a rage in me, yeah I know pretty unbelievable as I am  [...]

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