Affirmations Do They Really Work?


Affirmations are an interesting thing in my opinion and like you, I get a lot of people asking me do they really work?

In short, I would say no and I can hear all believers saying Ann-Marie you are wrong they work, “I have had them work for me,” “I have numerous examples to prove that you are wrong,” “but they have changed my life so they do work.”

To that, I am sorry #notsorry, they do not work to change your life!

So I am curious if you are one of the believers why did you stop and want to read this?  I am guessing you are not 100% convinced.

I get it they make you feel better and it is better doing something than nothing to change your current way of thinking or situation right?

Look I have been you, I even have had affirmations plastered on my bedroom wall, my screensavers, my iPhone cover image seriously I have done it all.

My affirmations were everywhere in the hope it would remind me to repeat the mantra over and over, surely if I said it enough some Devine force; the universe, God or Buddha whoever would hear it and would create the change I was looking for.

Then there was the time that Devine force heard and I was like wow this shit really works, I even advocated for the use of affirmations telling everyone I met how great affirmations change your life….until they stopped working.  You know what I mean right? Suddenly the important changes don’t occur, even screaming the affirmations don’t’ work, then the day comes you realise no one is listening.

For me, I have a curious mind and I wanted to know why the hell it wasn’t working, was I not loud enough was it not the right affirmation, how could it work and then not work?

It wasn’t until I started to understand the impact of beliefs that the light bulb went off for me and it was at this point I had the biggest revelation that affirmations in the sense of chanting some fancy nice words do not work.  It sure makes us feel good but that is about it.

Yes okay, I said a few paragraphs ago that they worked for me so why now the contradiction?

What I discovered was that an external divine force doesn’t make the change, the change actually comes from within us.  In fact, we have the power to make any change in our lives and that we are the change we want to be.

We can decide to change any belief we have and that is how we change our lives, not by some fancy words.

So what really is an affirmation? Well for me it is just the words affirming what is already within us.  When they work all that means is that the change has already taken place at the unconscious level.

It is when we use an affirmation to force a belief shift that we unconsciously are not ready to change beliefs which underpin our actions.  So really it doesn’t matter how loud we say an affirmation, how bright we make them the affirmation will not work.

I am not saying that you can’t utilise affirmations they are great for affirming what changes you have already decided to make but if they are not working stop, look and listen to what is going on inside you?  What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself these need to be released before you can make the change you desire?

So do I believe that affirmations really work to change your life, the simple answer is no, you are the changer of your life, you have the power to achieve your dreams and desires and always remember the difference of wanting to believe in something and actually believing it is a shift in actions, motivation and the affirmation is the affirming of the change.

You’re the change you’re looking for

Until next time Ann-Marie

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