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Why Do I get Triggered So Easily

Okay, so I thought I best blog about emotional triggers as I have some really cool blogs I am going to post in the coming weeks I think will be great for all my followers.

BUT, a while ago I posted a post on social media that got a little backlash. You see someone read into the post and assumed it was about their business.

The funny thing was it had nothing to do with them, it was about a business I had coached a few years prior and had come across my notes and thought it would benefit my followers.

The thing is, if something I am writing is triggering an emotion in you, you need to remember my blogs are not specifically about you unless of course, you make it about you.

What I mean by this is, if when you read my blogs, and you think I am writing specifically about you, your business or your experiences.

Please realise that this is because your unconscious mind is filtering the information you need at that very moment (more on this later) and it’s causing a reflection on what’s going on in your life.

It’s this reflection that triggers an emotional response, usually one of the primary 5 key negative emotions; anger, sadness, fear, guilt and hurt.

These emotional triggers usually occur because of your internal representations or any conscious or unconscious beliefs you may have. Even the beliefs you have about yourself and situations.

All of this is okay, in fact, if my blogs trigger an emotion, it’s a good thing, and I would love you to embrace this.

Now I know this sounds a little cookoo but that’s because reflections like these represent something you need to deal with on an emotional level, it will provide you an opportunity to look introspectively at yourself, discover the beliefs and values which cause these triggers and deal with any unresolved issues.

So if you are triggered stop, reflect and discover why, because if you interrupt that one of my blogs was intentionality written about you, this is purely your unconscious mind asking you to deal with something.

If you are uncertain how to do this be sure to reach out and we can book in a session so I can assist you.

Until next time,

Modelling Behaviours – Role Models


When I was growing up, I had many many people I aspired to be like.  People who I was modelling behaviours from.  This did not change as I moved into my career. There were many company leaders, line managers, colleagues I wanted to be more like.

These people behaved in ways I admired.  They interacted with others in such a way that their teams and people close to them looked up to them. They were always willing to share their knowledge and had time for the people around them. . . . .

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