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Stress, Worry & Anxiety Releaser Audio Bite

Sometimes in our life whether its in business, career, or home we go through periods of stress. Look stress in small amounts is actually a good thing, stress is designed to get us out of situations which are dangerous.

It allows us to get moving. Think about it back when we were cave men and women and there was a Bear or Lion going to harm us we needed to be able to escape and do so quickly right? So a hormone called Adrenalin would hit our system and we would take adequate action and get the hell outta there, then the Bear or Lion disappears and we go back to our daily activities.

The stresses of the 21st Century create the same flight/fight/freeze response with one exception unlike the Bear and Lion that goes off to prey on another victim the physiological stresses we face daily don't just disappear. Think about it, we have financial stress, career/job stress, and of course the stress of raising children, it just never ends.

The side effect is a constant state of stress or overwhelm, adrenalin staying in our system constantly, depleting our reserves and impacting our health.


So with all this said what do we do? We need to get rid of the stress when it no longer serves us. Otherwise stress can lead to anxiety, to overwhelm and that horrible feeling of being stuck not too mention all the health concerns being in a constant state of stress or anxiety can cause. This is why I have decided to share with you my Stress, Worry & Anxiety Releaser Audio Bite. This is the exact hypnosis that I use for my hypnosis clients when we have a live session. All packaged up in a nice audible sound bite just for you. For FREE!