Rishad Contractor – Oporto Owner

As a franchise business owner, I worked with Ann-Marie as my business coach and mentor. Ann-Marie had a great understanding of the operational and financial sides of our business and above all was an extremely helpful coach to myself and my team.

Jason Pigott

How do you expect to engage your customers if you don’t engage your team members first? Ann-Marie leads with passion, intelligence, empathy and with an engaging style that not only delivers results but truly engages teams on the journey. I had the opportunity to work closely with Ann-Marie at Oporto Franchising and found her to be an extremely capable professional who focused on business and team capabilities and delivering a differentiated offer to market to drive business growth and improve profitability.

Vinod Patel

I have had an opportunity to work with Ann-Marie during my time in Sydney at BP.
There are many qualities which I admire and which also makes Ann-Marie a great business coach & mentor. Foremost is her enthusiasm and energy which motivates everyone around her to be the best and achieve high level of performance. She has detailed knowledge of retail business and operations and does not hesitate to challenge system/procedures if she believes they are wrong.
In nutshell, she is a great coach and I would not hesitate to work with her again in future.

David Whitehead

Ann-Marie was a great manager. She was empathetic while maintaining professionalism and looked out for my staff’s personal needs along with the companies overall goals and direction.
Ann-Marie also took time for teaching and development, I learned a lot from her both in approach and specific management skills.

Giuseppe Celi – Sales

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor —but I did when I worked for Ann-Marie at Sigma Healthcare.

For the last 12 months we worked closely together, along with other team members Ann-Marie supervised, into growing our territory, establish relationships with our peers and provided the motivation we needed to be successful on a daily basis.

What set Ann-Marie apart from many managers I had come across over the years, there were many little thing’s, for example, our one on one’s or team meetings, and strategy sessions were second to none.

As a coach and mentor, Ann-Marie earns my highest recommendations to any business in any industry.

Nitin Malik

I worked with Ann-Marie for a period of over 4 years & during this time have always found her to be a very passionate leader. Ann-Marie has always been a details person, which in my opinion helped her lead a group of Senior Store Managers within the BP Retail network in NSW & get them to work closely together towards delivering on the business vision.

The most admirable aspect of Ann-Marie’s leadership was her art of bringing people together with so much ease. The way Ann-Marie leads groups of various sizes, professional & personal backgrounds, has always been an inspiration for me.

Her versatility was further enhanced by her ability to manage events, which she did along with her very busy schedule. When she took over organizing the NSW Store Manager’s Meetings. With over 120 attendees, she made an impact right from the very first meeting & others markets within Australia followed her lead.

Ann-Marie is not only an inspirational leader who always leads by example, but is a very well respected & a well rounded professional, who can be an asset to any business owner or organisation.

John Kilgour

In 2006, I was based in Sydney undertaking special projects for BP Australia. During this time I had the opportunity to work with Ann-Marie who responsible for the “day to day” operations and financial performance of a select network of company operated sites. She demonstrated a solid understanding of business, operating standards, HSSE and an ability to work with others from diverse backgrounds.

David J Burns

I worked with Anne- Marie in 2007 in Sydney. At the time, BP were working through a major retail transformational project and Ann-Marie was instrumental in embedding best practice tools and processes at store level through her team of Store Managers. Ann-Marie was accountable for the profitability of 15 stores within the Sydney region. Ann-Marie was always a solid performer with great leadership skills and the ability to bring the best out of her team. Good luck with the future Ann-Marie.

Kerry Newland

Ann-Marie has cultivated a diverse portfolio of leadership skills and has refined the balance of business focus and interpersonal skills to perfection. A true people leader she is at her best when coaching and mentoring to deliver results through her team.

Harvey Kaufman

Ann-Marie is a positive and capable manager who invests in recognising and developing the capabilities of her team. Her loyalty and clear and supportive communication style made for a great experience in the workplace.