Unconscious vs Subconscious


Unconscious vs Subconscious – this is one of my pet hates, it is the thing that activates me the most and triggers a rage in me, yeah I know pretty unbelievable as I am  cool as a cucumber and unfazed by practically everything.

So what is it about these two words that sets me off.  Do they even mean anything different or are they simply just the same thing with interchangeable words?

I guess you could argue if you wanted to these words can be interchangeable, that is of course if you wanted to insult your unconscious mind.

Personally I hold my unconscious mind in high esteem and would not want to insult it, hey it’s the thing that keeps me safe, breathes for me, stores my memories, feelings, values and beliefs as well as a heap of other awesome stuff for another blog.  So, why would you even contemplate insulting it right?

Hang on so how could one possibly insult an unconscious mind exactly?  Yep that’s right that other word – subconscious.   Grr Blasphamy!!

Why?  Think about every other sub word that I can think of right now as an interesting meaning.  Think about it Submarine – Beneath the water, Subtract  – to take away from, subdiscipline – a study that is secondary to the primary discipline of study, subflooring – the flooring beneath the main flooring, subintellectual – below the level of the intellect, to Sub-Prime Housing– Not worth the value it’s sold for.

Seriously I could continue but I am sure you’re really not interested in an English lesson but my point is can you see the pattern, they are all beneath, lower, under, less value – so given the prefix of sub being below or less valued, there is no way I am going to call my Unconscious mind anything less than equal to my conscious mind given all the work it is doing for me and that all without me even realising what it is doing.

Just imagine if the unconscious was of lesser importance then the conscious mind and it decided to take insult to that, would I stop breathing, no but I would have to start consciously thinking about breathing, what about my heart pumping I would have to be consciously aware of that imagine the sensation of boom boom boom 24hrs a day?

What about the millions of bits of information that is being filtered, distorted or generalised that wouldn’t be, Man it can be bad enough when you’re trying to concentrate while working with the distractions of all the noise I hear now, now imagine ALL (11millions bits/second) the noise, smells, taste, sight, feelings and self-talk coming through.  I do not know about you but for me I would be rocking in a corner not being very productive.

Just thinking about all of that now, is making me feel anxious, for me my Unconscious mind is very important and I enjoy treating it like an equal to my conscious mind so for me its Unconscious all the way – how about you?

You’re the change you’re looking for

Until next time Ann-Marie


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