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I imagine you are here because you are either looking for a Business Coach, or wanting to be certified in NLP so you to can take your business or your team to the next level. 

Sound like you?

Do you feel like you spend all your time IN your business not ON your business?

Maybe there is no-one you can confidentially share your business ideas with and who will help you execute exactly what you want?

You may want to develop your team and are looking for someone to help you create an environment where a high performance culture breeds.

If this sounds like you then listed below are a few ways you can currently work with me.

7 Day Course: Your Mind Matters - Recreate Your Thinking..

This seven day course is by far my most popular - Ive had hundreds of graduates. Whether you are a business owner, sales person, teacher, couple or individual you will love this content to further your self development. 

It is a 7 day intensive online course, where you will be asked to relinquish control of the past beliefs that are holding you back. Basically I lead you through a series of videos and worksheets to help you recreate your thinking whilst learning and developing your deeper mind.
That can be a huge leap for some people, so make sure you are ready for a journey of self-development, fun and new learnings.

Business Strategy Sessions

Turning a small business into a successful one is not always easy. The statistics are pretty grim. Research suggests that most won't actually survive the test of time. Look at the Retail segment in Australia in recent years. A lot of older generation businesses who have been around for years have gone belly up.

Sure there are a multitude of reasons why this could of occurred and this is why I have introduced my Business Strategy sessions.

After 21+ years working with Start-ups, Business Coaches, Online Businesses, Fuel, Pharmaceutical, Franchises, Retail, Wholesale, Food & Beverage, Convenience Retail and the Not For Profit sector, lets say i have picked up a thing or two and have a few tricks up my sleeves.

In other words, most businesses start small and if they are lucky they stay there most fall off the radar all together within the first 5 years, those that last the distance do not grow to be high performing with a team of engaged staff that love what they do. They simply make ends meet.

Over the years, the business owners I've mentored in my corporate roles have come to me after I left those companies and asked how they could continue to work with me. This is how the Business Strategy Sessions started.

These sessions run over 3x 90 minute calls. Together we come up with a strategy and an execution plan to get your business to the next level.

Most owners partake in these Strategy sessions a few times a year. It is the best way for someone to get a leg up with very little investment risk with HUGE returns.

Click here to have a chat with me, let me show you how I can help support your business growth. 

Business Coaching

NLP Business Coaching uses language and behavioural skills to motivate and encourage you to achieve your objectives. In the case of business owners or senior executives, often a business coach is the only person they can talk to openly and honestly about their business and life desires.

The role of a Business Coach is that of trust, integrity, non judgement and total confidentiality. 

I like to take my clients through a structured framework that has taken me years to perfect. This is delivered over a series of sessions during which together we identify specifically what you would like to achieve.

Goals are broken down into actionable, measurable steps and together we reach your desired outcomes. All whilst staying focused, motivated and fun.

Usually my business coaching is done as a monthly coaching package over several months. 3/6/12 months options apply. <= Click here => for a Free consult to see if I have what it takes to help you achieve your vision.

NLP Practitioner Courses

You do not need any previous experience in NLP before you come to this training. Everything is taught from the pre-work materials and the seven day course work itself. The course itself is self development on steroids and can be quite reflective, therefore I ask you to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

It is a very safe space with supportive crew where you will make some life long friends and come out the other side a certified NLP practitioner.

My courses are held twice a year and are always sold out. So if you want to kick start your career in NLP or just gain some tactics for better communications and better results then you should register your interest for my next event.

I believe that when you learn to shift your thinking or breakthrough your beliefs and limitations that are holding you back you can implement these tactics time and time again. 

They are life long skills you will learn, skills you can pass onto your friends, families, staff and clients. My practitioner course will certify you to practice NLP even should you choose not to. 

Register your interest now: Click Here.

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